Personalised ceramic memorials in Ponte di Barbarano, Vicenza

Handcraft, tradition, high quality materials, and continuous inspection of the products: these are some aspects of the philosophy of FPV Fabbrica Porcellane Veneta.

Ceramics is a material that whitstands time and weather. It does not absorb water and is perfect for the funerary industry.

Personalized items with photos, inscriptions and marble effect

We offer funerary ceramics that come in different shapes and colours, including plaques, special plaques, book and parchment shape plaques, and plaques for enamel photos. All items are manufactured by our craftsmen with extreme care and attention, so that we can fullfil our customers’ requirements.
We also offer a wide range of accessories and the opportunity to personalize our products with specific and unique processing: ask for further information to our customer care service.

Our products include:

  • Plaques
    Our high quality ceramic plaques come in oval, rectangular, round and square shape.
  • Special plaques
    Ceramic plaques in particualr shapes: cross, heart, with frame and much more.
  • Book shape plaques
    Ceramic books are handcrafted items that come in shape of an open book with special finishing for wall and headstones.
  • Parchment shape plaques
    Our customers can choose parchment shape wall plaques or with on ground support in different sizes and shapes, customizable.
  • Plates for photo glazes
    These plates offer excellent professional support for funeral photoceramics.