Elegant photoceramic memorials in Ponte di Barbarano, Vicenza

FPV Fabbrica Porcellane Veneta established 40 years ago in the production of porcelain etcetera, in particualr for the funeral industry. With our products we can offer the reproduction of images onto porcelain.

FPV Sartori porcellane in Vicenza offers plaques, photo enamel plaques, special plaques in different shapes, both in black and white and in other colours. We manufacture products of outstanding quality, excellent image resolution and colour rendering. Our long-standing experience in the funerary photoceramic industry allows us to understand our customers’ requests and to fullfil their requirements.

Tradition and technology ensure excellent quality, outstanding service and unique products.

Customized products and artisan tradition

Treatment and manufacturing of products are carried out by qualified personnel, supported by cutting-edge technology. FPV Sartori porcellane di Vicenza puts processing tradition together with technology of machines and equipments/tools. Our products are unique and fully tailored

Our range of memorial photoceramics include accessories for the complete customization (colours, gold… ).